Olympus 7-14 Filter Adapter Details

The Olympus 7-14 Adapter is manufactured from a very strong and durable solid nylon, with a matt black textured surface to prevent light reflections.

‘Lens Stops’ on the inside align with the outer edges of the lens hood for perfect alignment, and a thick neoprene rubber gasket holdout very firmly in place. The gasket also prevents any light leak from the rear of the adapter. Further security is provided by a plate which fixes to the rear of the Nisi holder, which has been designed to slide ‘open’ and ‘closed’ for ease of use. There is no need to remove the ‘plate’ when using other lenses.

  • Use two filters with no vignetting at 7mm
  • Strong, light weight, easy to install
  • No light leaks using filters

  • Built in gasket to grip lens without damage

  • Built in ‘lens-stop’ for perfect alignment
  • Rear Security Plate for secure fitting

BUY 7-14 Adapter

Image shows the Nisi V6 Filter holder kit complete with the Nisi 82mm Adapter ring for use on threaded lenses. The 7-14 Adapter replaces the standard 82mm adapter. The Nisi Filter holder means that by having both adapters only one system is required for use on the 7-14 Pro and other threaded lenses.

Vignetting Performance

The Olympus 7-14 Pro has a 114 degree field of view at 7mm making it super wide and the full frame equivalent of 14mm. At such a wide FOV the optimum size of filters is approx. 125mm which are not manufactured. To avoid having to use bulky and expensive 150mm filters the adapter is designed to maximize the wider range and more popular 100mm filters.
Mechanical vignetting from the holder intruding into the image area has been reduced to the minimum possible for the size of filter and the lens FOV.

Although three slots can be used with no angling of the v6 holder without vignetting, altering the holder to two rails gives more flexibility to angle the holder and still allows the use of two filters which is usually enough.

The field of view at 7mm changes slightly depending on the focus distance. At a close focus distance the FOV is slightly wider than on infinity, which has an impact on vignetting. Sample images shown were taken with a close focus distance of approx. 2 meters, with the camera set at the max 4:3 ratio.

Vignetting at approx. 2-meter focus distance, impact on image corners.

2 slots used vertically – no vignetting
2 slots angled to 12.5 degrees – slight vignetting removed at approx. 7.5mm
2 slots angled to 45 degrees – slight vignetting removed at approx. 8mm

Minor Vignetting is easily removed by slight cropping.

Example Images

All images taken with Olympus Em5mk11 and Em1mkii with the 7-14 Pro and the Adapter. Images shown in 4/3 aspect ratio with no vignetting.

Lake District

  • EXIF: ISO200, f7.1, Exp 40 Seconds
  • Holder Position: Straight
  • Filters Used: Nisi 3 Stop Medium Grad, 10 Stop ND


  • EXIF: ISO200, f7.1, Exp 25 Seconds
  • Holder Position: Straight
  • Filters Used: Nisi 3 Stop Reverse Grad, 6 Stop ND


  • EXIF: ISO200, f7.1, Exp 2 Seconds
  • Holder Position: Angled
  • Filters Used: Nisi  3 Stop Soft Grad, Square Polariser


  • EXIF: ISO200, f7.1, Exp 8 Seconds
  • Holder Position: Straight
  • Filters Used: Nisi 3 Stop Medium Grad, 3 Stop ND


  • EXIF: ISO200, f7.1, Exp 60 Seconds
  • Holder Position: Straight
  • Filters Used: Nisi 3 Stop Reverse Grad, 10 Stop ND

Lake District

  • EXIF: ISO200, f7.1, Exp 20 Seconds
  • Holder Position: Angled
  • Filters Used: Nisi 3 Stop Soft Grad, 10 Stop ND

But….wow, what a terrific piece of kit!!! I now see just how much fun the filter system is, especially with the Olympus 7-14 lens. For anyone who’s been putting off buying filters for the 7-14 because of a lack of filter attachment method, the wait is over. Phil’s adaptor is beautifully engineered and manufactured. And his support was A1 too.

Adam Kerner, New Zealand
Being a landscape photographer I tried attaching filters with elastic bands but could not find a way to use ND’s for long exposures. This does the job perfectly and with no light leaks. I took Phil’s advice and also tried the Nisi IRND1000 despite having a Big Stopper and he was right, if you do long exposures, this is the one you need.
Jason Stiles, United Kingdom

Can’t thank you enough for the adapter, I searched and searched hoping for a solution. It has released my lens from the burden of not being useable with filters and now I can use its full potential. What’s more Phil responded to every question, gave me tips and even called me to make sure I was happy. Great kit and great service.

Peter Marshall, United Kingdom

I searched and searched but could not find how to use filters with the 7-14 and nearly bought an alternative lens. Phil’s Adapter came highly recommended when I searched on Social Media. Very pleased and thanks so much to Phil for all the help he also gave using filters.

Jenny Peters, Canada
Superb, it has allowed me to use this amazing lens to its fullest, works perfectly and doesn’t even take space in my bag. It fits amazingly well and I had full confidence walking around with it attached to the lens.
David Holt , United Kingdom

I was looking for a solution to use filters on the 7-14 and found Phil’s adapter came highly recommended, it is actually used widely here in Oz. Very well made and does the job perfectly.

John Burrows, Australia
There have been a number of ad hock attempts to solve the riddle of using filters on the 7-14. This does it perfectly. And it introduced me to Nisi. I got a new holder with adapters for other lenses AND a polarizer for half the cost I was about to spend on a Lee polarizer.
Robert Taylor, United Kingdom

Well made does the job exactly as it should and fits like a glove, very impressed with the quality and materials.

David Thompson, United Kingdom

This is exactly what I have been looking for, initially skeptical but no need, it fits perfectly, simple to use and a superb must have accessory for the 7-14 Pro.

Don Cheadle, United Kingdom

Great kit, perfect fit, thought I would have to look at a 150mm filter solution but really no need, great job!

Andrew Mason, United States