Which NiSi System Is Right For You?

With so many different camera systems being available along with different filter sizes, it can be confusing identifying which system to use. Compact camera and mirrorless, APSC, full frame? Below you will find all the information you need to identify which system is right for you.

75mm System

100mm System

150mm System

Check Your Thread Size

The first step is to identify the the thread size of your lenses. This is the screw thread on your lens and shows what size is required, and is usually indicated by a size in mm and the symbol ‘∅’. Normally it will be on the front , but may be on the side. Check your largest lens you want to use filters with. Once you have the size, see below:

  • Threads up to 67mm*-see NiSi M75 System
  • Threads up to 82mm-see NiSi 100mm System

  • No thread & fixed hood-see NiSi 150mm System

*A small number of lenses over 67mm thread are compatible with the M75 System. Please see below.

NiSi M75 – 75mm System

The M75 System was designed to offer all the features of the larger systems in a more compact form factor. Suitable for compact and mirrorless systems, and lenses with threads from 36 to 67mm, the holder will allow the use of two square filters plus polariser.

See notes below:

  • With such a wide range of lens availability at this form factor not all can be tested. Generally is is recommended that the widest Field of View* (see highlight) should be around 24mm Full Frame equivalent. However, the Panasonic 8-18mm f2.8 Vario lens with a 67mm thread (16-36mm full frame equiv) does not vignette at all. Similarly the Laowa 7.5mm f2 (46mm thread) is also vignette free. Therefore lenses with a thread 67mm or under and a Field of View of 16-18mm Full Frame equivalent will be suitable.

  • Some lenses with a wider thread can fit the M75 system, depending on the field of view. For Example, the Olympus 40-150 f2.8 Pro lens with a thread of 72mm will be suitable, because the field of view is quite narrow. However, the M75 Adapter Ring is designed as a wide angle ring, meaning the lens will sit inside the rear of the ring. As the lens barrel is actually wider, an additional extender ring is required to overcome this. A 67mm extender ring (available from SRB and others) extends the thread by 6mm therefore allowing the lens to fit flush with the Adapter. Then, use a 72-67mm Step-Down ring.
  • Similarly to above, a lens with a wider field of view such as the Olympus 12-100mm Pro lens, with the same 72mm thread, will vignette, because it has a wider field of view. Use an extender ring and step down ring as above, but expect vignetting until approx 28mm (actual).

Field Of View*

Another important factor determining suitability of lenses for different filter sizes is the field of view of the lens. This is the actual quoted mm of your lens, such as 24-70mm etc. The issue is that it changes depending on the camera system you use because of sensor size.

The convention used for comparison is “Full Frame (35mm) Equivalent“, this being the ‘standard’ from analogue SLR days. It is actually easy to compare once you know different sensors are said to have a ‘crop’ factor. APSC sensors have a crop of 1.6, therefore a Canon APS-C camera with 10-22mm lens will have a ‘Full Frame Equiv’ (x1.6) of 16-36mm.

Take your lens and multiply it by the crop factor to compare to Full Frame Equivalent.

  • Micro 4/3 crop factor x2 (12mm=24mm)

  • Canon APS-C crop factor x 1.6 (18mm=29mm)

  • Fuji, Sony, Nikon APS-C crop factor 1.5 (18mm=26mm)

NiSi V7 100mm System

The NiSi V7 is the latest evolution in the line of holders specifically for 100mm filters, based on the original V3 through to the V6.

Designed for lenses with a thread diameter larger than 67mm (M75 System) up to 82mm, and with a field of view of 16mm Full Frame, this is the widest used and most poplar system. It can also be used on lenses with a thread smaller that 67mm.

Although the widest fov is 16mm, it will also suit lenses such as the Nikon 14-30 F4 when the filter frame is reduces to two slots. This means a polariser and two filters can still be used with such an incredibly wide lens with no vignetting.

Incorporating a main adapter ring, which is the foundation for all NiSi systems, this accepts the included polariser. The polariser is completely light sealed and no light can enter from the rear, and it can be used independently of the filter frame when required.


New Features

The New V7 system adds additional features over the V6, including a new natural True Tone Polariser, and a new Quick Mount system for fitting it to the main adapter ring. The mounting pin has been re-engineered to provide and all in one locking mechanism.

Switch Holder

The introduction of the Switch holder as an optional accessory, allows two graduated filters to be positioned at any angle to control side light. There are times a graduated filter needs to be angled, and yet control is also required in the opposite direction two. The Switch holder with two independently rotating filter slots solves that problem. Rotation is smooth with a ‘damped’ feel, and the first slot can be locked in position, making rotation of the second slot easy without altering the position of the first slot.


  • One of the widest wide-angle lens compatibility filter holders available, when using three slot in filters. Designed to be suitable for all lenses with a maximum thread of 82mm and Field of View of 16mm with the polariser and 3 filters. Supplied with adapter rings to fit 67, 72, 77 and 82mm, additional rings are available and third party step-up rings will also fit.
  • Although suitable for a minimum Field Of View of 16mm, it will also suit some 15mm and 14mm wide lenses with a thread up to 82mm, eg Nikon Z 14-30mm S mirrorless wide angle lens when the holder is reduced to two filter slots. When reduced to two slots the polariser and two filters can still be used.
  • Summary – For lenses with a thread of up to 82mm and a wide angle view of 16mm, select the 100mm system. For APS-C and other sensor sizes please see the Field Of View* description above.

NiSi S6 150mm System

The NiSi S6 is the new evolution of the S5, building on the innovations of the first 150mm system with a CPL.

Introduced as a solution to the many ultra wide angle lenses with convex elements and fixed lens hoods, the NiSi 150mm system was the first in the world to also allow the use of a fully adjustable circular polariser.

Available in a wide range of models to suit most ultra-wide lenses.

  • Two filter slots & circular polariser
  • New locking pin and flock lined interior
  • New case and CPL cap now included
  • Specially designed and engineered for ultra wide lenses with no thread, a simple lens adapter with a twist lock mechanism fits to the lens, allowing a filter holder to be mounted.
  • A unique lens adapter for a variety of models allows the use of a fully rotatable circular polariser. The unit is light sealed and includes a cap for the polariser.

  • Summary – For fast aperture f2.8 wide angle lenses with a field of view below 16mm, mostly but not always with a convex element and fixed hood, select the 150mm system.

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