Remove light pollution

Between mercury vapour, sodium, and Low CRI streetlights, there are many undesirable wavelengths of light that pollute the night sky. The glow from these can keep your camera from seeing the sky properly and effect your night images. NiSi has created the Natural Night Filter to block the most common wavelengths of light pollution.


  • Blocks light wavelengths from common sources of light pollution.
  • Perfect for night scenes and astrophotography.
  • Double sided and multi-layer coating.
  • Waterproof and oil resistant Nano Coating.
  • Ultra low reflection.


Available as Circular 77 and 82mm, and Square 100, and 150mm.

Also available for the New NiSi M75 75mm System.

Use the sliders to see how the NiSi Natural Night filter blocks yellow light pollution.

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