‘Glowing Shrooms’ Guide

Ever wondered how these magical images of Glowing Shrooms are captured? How to illuminate them so they look like they are glowing in the dark, and how to combine images and process them? It is technical but also incredibly creative, and I show you how in full detail.

In this Guide I take you through the whole process step-by-step, from essential gear and useful accessories, techniques for lighting, shooting techniques and tips, composition tips, and processing, stacking and blending the images from start to finish.

Also included is a gallery of some of my own favourite images with descriptions and insights to inspire your own creativity.

The Guide has been published both as a downloadable eBook and an online resource separate from this website. Being online also makes it more convenient for you to study on a bigger screen.



Online resource for studying at home.

Divided into individual sections.

Full colour images and diagrams.

81 Page e-Book for offline reading.

Contains all the content from the Online Guide.

Download to any device.

Any Camera

Shooting Glowing Shrooms can be done with just about any camera, all you need is a Focus Bracketing Mode which most modern digital SLR cameras have. The guide is written with easy to follow steps that can be applied to any make and model. A Macro lens is needed, although you can actually produce great images with any lens to get started. Tips for gear and lenses are included.

Also included is how you can get around using a camera with a fixed screen.

No Articulated Screen?

Also included is how you can get around using a camera with a fixed screen. Most modern cameras have fully articulated screens but some only flip out from the bottom. It can make it awkward when you’re clawing around on the forest floor and you cannot see the screen. I show you how to get around this too.

This Guide is for you if you want to learn:

  • What gear you need

  • How to illuminate Shrooms

  • Tips for composition

  • Which settings to use and how to shoot the images

  • How to process and blend the images

  • Get inspiration for your own images

Guide Sections

Each Section goes into quite some detail. It is divided into sections online and chapter in the eBook for easier studying, and each section is comprehensive in information so that you have everything you need.

Below is an overview of topics contained in each Section.

Shrooms Gear

  • All the gear you need

  • Tips on lighting I use

  • Tripods and what to look for

  • Accessories you probably didn’t think of

Illuminating Shrooms

  • Understand how to illuminate shrooms

  • Different techniques for different situations

  • How to ‘Behind the Scenes’

  • Tips to make it easier

Shooting Techniques

  • Camera settings and step by step technique

  • Understanding Focus Bracketing

  • Tips for Composition

  • Understand sets of images needed

Processing Techniques

  • Step by step processing with Lightroom & Photoshop

  • Tips for using other applications

  • Aligning and merging images

  • Fixing issues for your final image


  • Gallery of images for inspiration

  • Descriptions included for insights

Olympus Settings

  • Bonus section for Olympus users

  • How to Focus Bracket and understanding it

  • Tips for other settings to use

  • Customising and settings buttons


The Processing section is quite in depth and you’ll learn all my tricks for processing the images and stacking them, then combining them into a final shot. And don’t worry of you don’t use Adobe software, I give some suggestions for other apps to use and a few tips on how to do the same processes.