Photographic Accessories

Photographic Accessories

With so many brands out there producing accessories, one brand I have always turned to is K&F Concept. With a wide range of accessories from tripods to bags and adapter rings they are well worth considering. See below for a few of the items I use.


KF09 Horizontal Tripod 170cm

The KF09 horizontal tripod is a feature packed aluminium tripod, with as the name suggests a horizontal arm cleverly concealed within the centre column.

The main advantage as the image shows is the ability to get very low and still have the camera upright, as I do when shooting macro fungi images (see my Shrooms gallery).

I use the 170cm version, which at the time of writing is an incredible £67 (normally £123). Even at the full price it is a great piece of equipment. K&F frequently run offers so check on their website for the the best deals.

See below for the range of features this tripod offers. I can honestly say that at this price point and quality of manufacture it is hard to beat.


A host of useful features

  • Strong ball-head with load capacity of 10kg. Essential Arca-Swiss compatible top plate and clamp for use with L Brackets. 

  • Unique horizontal arm cleverly housed inside the centre column. Useful to extend reach over obstacles like walls, or flip upside down for low level use.

  • 170cm max height reduces down to 43cm for transport in the padded zipper case included. Other sizes also available.

  • Strong and Durable. 25mm Aluminium legs carry a load of 10kg.

  • Twist lock legs for easy use. 5 section legs fold up for compact stowing.

  • Surprisingly light, only 1.6kg including ball head.

  • Detachable leg for use as monopod.

  • Threaded rubber feet, important if snow feet or spikes are required.

K&F Multifunction 23L Backpack

The K&F 23L backpack has a range of incredibly useful features which really did surprise me. I use F-Stop bags but found a need for something smaller and this fitted the bill.

There are times when I want to do a project based shoot, fungi, for example. Rather than have all my gear in one bag which I do not need all the time I decided to have a separate bag already set with the gear I want (Macro lens, LED light panels, torches, knee mat, GorillaPod, extension arms and clamps etc), so all I need do is put my camera in and I’m off.

With all the features this has it is good enough for a main backpack at an affordable price point.


A host of useful features

  • 23L storage capacity, 45x24x30cm, easily holds 2 DSLR cameras plus 2-3 lenses and other accessories.
  • Large front storage compartment for 14″ laptop (knee mat for me) and other accessories such as cables, cable release etc. Also a great place to store winter gloves and beanie hat.
  • Rear opening, so important not just for security. Placing down on wet grass etc to get gear out means not getting a wet back.
  • Padded adjustable storage dividers. Rear opening also has a mesh divider to protect from debris.
  • Two side mess pockets for drinks bottle, gloves, or snacks.
  • Tripod foot pocket and side straps.
  • Comfort features-well padded breathable back panel, padded shoulder straps which are fully adjustable and include rear shoulder tension straps which are so important. Waist strap is padded and usefully detachable for when not required.
  • Rain proof nylon material with included rain cover for heavy rain.
  • Flat base for standing vertically.

K&F Lens Adapters

I have had a number of these over the years, including the one shown for adapting my old Russian Helios lenses to my Olympus. Many models are available for classic and modern lenses.

The quality of these adapters are outstanding with machined aluminium magnesium bodies and matt interiors.

  • Available in a huge range for classic lenses and modern lenses.
  • All machined from top quality materials.
  • Matt black interior to absorb light.


K&F Magic Plate

Such a clever design and a useful accessory, the Magic Plate serves as a spare Arca Swiss tripod plate, and magically transforms into a mobile phone holder for your tripod.

Best use for me, mounted on a mini tripod for taking mobile phone time-lapses and on location video.

  • Doubles as a spare tripod plate and mobile phone holder.
  • Machined from aluminium with anodised finish.
  • Top threaded hole for accessories such as microphones.

K&F Pro Gimbal Head

The K&F Pro Gimbal head is a very sturdy and strong head with a tubular steel body and machined aluminium components.

It can be used for panoramic images which is why I bought one. These days it is rare I shoot panos, so I use my standard ball-head. Where this gimbal head really comes into its own is for wildlife shooters with long lenses.

Mounting a long lens as shown gives good balance and provides very fluid movement in all directions, important when using a long lens. Height of the plate can be adjusted so the centre axis is in line with the centre of the lens, and large knobs give easy use out in the field.


Feature highlights

  • Solid construction from steel and aluminium with 20kg capacity.
  • Hard wearing black powder coat finish.
  • Machined aluminium components.
  • Fluid balanced motion in all directions.
  • Large adjustment knobs for ease of use out in the field.
  • Etched scales on the base and vertical arm for precise adjustments.

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