New 150mm Holder System

Rediscover the wider world

The NiSi S6 is the new evolution of the S5, building on the innovations of the first 150mm system with a CPL. Following the huge success of the S5, the new S6 has a number of key improvements.

  • Two filter slots & circular polariser
  • New locking pin and flock lined interior
  • New case and CPL cap now included

This is

Designed for the photographer with a passion for the wider world. We engineered the S6 System with the same passion and attention to detail as the S5 using aluminium alloy and CNC machining. Flexibility is provided with an easy to rotate CPL and the use of 2 additional filters which can be fully rotated with no vignetting.


The NiSi S6 filter system is the ideal solution for those who wish to combine an ultra wide angle lens with a filter system. The holder system is constructed with aluminium alloy and is based around a lens adapter with an integrated removable Polariser. This unit can be used on its own when only a Polariser is required. Key improvements include a new re-engineered pin which can now lock the filter frame for greater security, a flock-lined lens adapter, silver finish with improved outer texture, and a new case. The CPL cap is now included with all models.

Lens Adapter Ring

The lens adapter ring now has a high quality flock lining inside, the same quality as found on premium lens hoods. The lining absorbs light, further eliminating the chance of stray light reflecting inside the holder and entering the lens, causing lens flare.

S6 CPL Geared Wheel

The NiSi S5 system incorporates two easy to access gear wheels ensuring the CPL is easy to turn even when using two additional slot-in filters.

S6 Integrated Polariser

The NiSi S6 integrated CPL is inherited from the 100mm V6 system, giving the photographer a polariser which is easy to rotate, light sealed from the rear and removable when not required. Available as the Pro Polariser, or Nano Coated Landscape Polariser.

S6 Lens Adapter

The NiSi S6 lens adapters have been given a fresh new silver finish, and the outer knurled texture has been improved to help grip, important when out in the field in cold weather and using gloves. Adapter are lens specific and available in a wide range should more than one be needed.

What’s Included