Group Workshops

A Group Workshop is a great way to spend time with like minded people, share experiences and make new friends, whilst learning at the same time. Groups are always small to enable me to spend time with each person and assist in whatever your needs are, whether beginner or more advance. Tuition is tailored to your needs even on a group workshop. I will identify what your needs are and help you to advance. Group workshops vary from 1 day to multiple days in variety of locations.

Perhaps you struggle with composition, or the settings on your camera. A workshop will help you to learn faster and also have fun. We will discuss subjects as a group, and also individually so that you get the tuition you want.

Workshop Attendees can benefit from a 15% discount on f-stop gear.

One day workshops are held in a variety of locations such as Wales, Lake District and Peak District. Other Workshops will be two to five days or more, depending on the location. Join me on a workshop on the Isle of Skye, or from November 2020 North Norway.

I am well placed to pass on my knowledge and experience having used many brands such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, and Fuji. Please see the reviews below. I also have available for use a full range of NiSi filters if required, and tripods will also be available if needed.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn  your camera and understand A, S, and M Modes

  • Learn how to control exposure to get the best shots
  • Undersand and use the Histogram
  • Understand Depth of Field and Hyperfocal Distances
  • Learn good photographic technique
  • Use advanced features such as bracketing
  • Understand composition and how to ‘see’ the shot
  • Use Rule of Thirds and Lead-In Lines for composition
  • Use my ‘Bubble’ technique for good composition
  • Understand positive and negative space for harmony

  • Understand how to use light creatively in images
  • Use Filters for control and creativity

The list above are the basic areas we will cover, however it will also cover other areas, such as the differences between Raw and Jpeg, my processing workflow and lots of advice gained through my photographic career. My aim is not only to teach you the technical aspect of photography, but also the artistic element to bring out your creativity. A camera is after all just a tool and you are the artist. Workshops are always informal and I am to make them a fun enjoyable day.


Group Workshop Locations

Group Workshops are held in a wide variety of locations, each chosen for the variety of views and incredible scenery. With my experience of the locations I am able to guide you to the best spots and point you in the right direct for compositions. Locations include:

Peak District, Lake District, Wales, Anglesey, Scotland, Isle of Skye, Portugal and soon Norway.

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Prices for Group Workshops

Prices depending on the type of workshop and the location. 1 day workshops are priced per person and do not include accommodation.

Multi-day Residential Workshops will be priced per person and will also include accommodation where applicable.

Multi-Day Workshop please view availability

£120 per person for 1 Day Group Workshops

A £50 Deposit is payable per person to book and a date will be agreed if you are booking as a group, unless it is one of the available scheduled workshops.

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How long is a Group Workshop?

Length depends on the season, and type of workshop although they are usually around 8 hours.

In Winter they will be shorter because of shorter daylight hours, however there is still twilight available. In summer the days are much longer. Normally we will start around 9-10am and we will be out to shoot sunset. I normally avoid sunrise because time is needed to prepare and you will be more comfortable shooting a sunset putting into practice what you have learned. Sunrises will be a group decision based on the time and schedule of the day. We will take a break after a sunrise shoot to get breakfast.

Times are flexible, in summer for example we will be out all day which could be 12 hours, so be prepared for a long day. I am happy to meet your needs whatever they are.

What you will need

Clothing requirements depend on the season, however please not even in Summer it can get chilly especially high up. Warm layers are always better so a layer can be removed, along with a hat to keep ears warm and gloves. Waterproof footwear to keep feet dry is required and if we are shooting water please bring a pair of Wellies. A snack and bottled drink will help keep you going, although we will stop for lunch at a local pub. I usually have 3 spare tripods available if you do not have one, and filters are also available to use if required.

  • Camera, fully charged batteries and memory cards
  • Shutter cable release
  • Tripod – available to borrow if needed
  • Filters-available if needed, please let me know
  • Warm layered clothing, hat and gloves
  • Waterproof coat suitable for the season
  • Waterproof footwear and wellies may be needed
  • Snacks and drinks
This was the best workshop I have been on. Phil was patient, thoughtful and explained everything in such detail, I really did learn such a great deal. My Olympus camera is complicated, but he showed me not only how to use the various features, he also showed my why, and when, and also customised the settings for easier use. Highly recommended *****
Myself and my photography club did a 1 day group workshop with Phil in the Peak District. He was full of interesting tips, knowledge, and showed that he really cared about helping each one of us to improve both our technique, and the harder to explain artistic creativity of photography. An excellent day out of learning. and we had fun too.
I have had a number of workshops with Phil in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Coast. I found my photography really has improved, he was helpful, patient, and his understanding of how to capture the scene was second to none. He was able to explain the features of my camera which made me more comfortable with it. Highly recommended.
I spent a week with Phil in the Lake District and what a week it was. He quickly showed me many of the features of my camera, and took me to many locations that were incredible, and away from the crowds. What really impressed me was his understanding of light and how it would interact with the landscape. I cannot recommend Phil enough.

Myself and my friend both did a workshop with Phil. We are complete novices and found Phil very very patient. He took the time to explain the camera settings, the different modes, and also explained the technical side like the Exposure Triangle in a way we understood! Finally it makes sense. More useful and enjoyable than a book! Thank You Phil.

Myself and 5 colleagues travelled from Holland to spend a week with Phil in and around Snowdonia. It was such a wonderful week, we all got shots we are proud of and learned so much from Phil. He was attentive to all of us and made sure we all learned as a group but also with a personal touch spending time with each of us individually.

Phil really does know his stuff. I use an Olympus camera which he is an expert with, and showed me many of his tricks. I also use a Canon FF, and because he actually uses other systems himself he was able to assist me with both systems. His technical knowledge is outstanding, as is his photographic creativity. I will certainly book again.

Myself and my son are both deaf, my son profoundly. Learning online can be hard, and it is slow, more so with a disability. I was sceptical about a workshop but Phil reassured me, and he was right. He was patient and understanding, and worked at a pace we could lip read, and used hand gestures we could follow easily. Thanks so much Phil!
I was so confused about filters, but spoke to Phil and he made everything clear. He explained the different types of NiSi Filters, what he thought would be of use to me, and even told me what not to buy. How refreshing. He put together a kit of the filters for me, so I ended up saving money and getting just what I needed. And delivery was fast.
Phil’s service with NiSi Filters is second to none. Hi knowledge is undeniable and always extremely helpful. I was unfortunate enough to lose my adapter ring whilst away, so after speaking to Phil he had a replacement sent to my Hotel which I received the next day. He even called them to make sure they were aware of it. Outstanding service.
Phil was so helpful with my purchase of Nisi filters and the V6 holder. He explained how the system works and made sure I had what I needed. It was helpful being able to actually speak to someone, especially someone who knows and not just a salesman. And everything was delivered the next day. I have since purchased again.

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