Scheduled Workshops

NiSi Day – Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire

£25 Sunday 8th May 3:30 – 8:30 PM

An event organised with NiSi, with a chance to learn about the use of filters for balancing exposure and creating long exposures.

This is not an advanced workshop, rather a chance for you to learn about filters with practical examples in the field, and a chance to try out filters for yourself. During this event I will teach you how to use filters, how they can benefit your photography, and give you some tips on technique and composition.

We will have around 3 hours in Selwicks Bay and finish for sunset on the cliffs looking over the sea arch known as the Drinking Dinosaur. Flamborough Head also has a lighthouse, some attendees may wish to try some twilight images.

There are steep steps down to the bay so please bear this in mind before booking.

Your own transport will be required to the location which has ample car parking. Car parking charges are in operation although it is only £2.20 up to 6pm and then free. The cafe will be closed so please bring a sandwich and drink with you.

Spaces are limited to 10 participants. Please check the link to book.

  • 1/2 Day 5 hrs
  • Steps to Beach
  • None
  • Own To Location

Visit NiSi Website to Book

7 Days Northern Lights – Norway 2022

A chance to capture the Northern Lights in Sagfjorden, this residential 7 night workshop will have a maximum of 6 participants with two workshop leaders, myself and my colleague Hendrik Zwart.

Accommodation is provided in a traditional Norwegian lakeside lodge, and all transportation is provided.

Due to run in 2021, new dates for this workshop will be set for 2022.

  • 7 Days Residential
  • Easy-Short Walks
  • Accommodation Inc
  • Transport Inc

Details and dates to be announced

5 Days Portugal West Coast

5 days shooting along the Alentejo coastline, the west coast has stunning locations to offer, and is much quieter than the south coast.

Facing west, the coastline is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and sunshine at sunset. We will explore locations such as Arrifana, Carrasquiera, Praia dos Buizinhos, and Zambujueira, and you will be able to enjoy local cuisine.

Run in conjunction with my collegues Mauricio and Hugo, we have the advantage of local knowledge and language at our disposal.

Due to run in 2021, new dates for this workshop will be set for 2022.

  • 5 Days Residential
  • Easy-Short Walks
  • Accommodation Inc
  • Transport Inc

Details and dates to be announced

More Scheduled Workshops are to come, please check back soon or sign up to be notified.

1-To-1 & Small Groups

I am available for 1 To 1 Workshops as normal, please check out the details and contact me.

I am available for small group workshops. These are normally small groups of 2 people who are friends, couples, or slightly larger groups of 3-5 people who may for instance be from a Camera Club. Please contact me for more information and to arrange your workshop.

Book 1-To-1 and small groups
This was the best workshop I have been on. Phil was patient, thoughtful and explained everything in such detail, I really did learn such a great deal. My Olympus camera is complicated, but he showed me not only how to use the various features, he also showed my why, and when, and also customised the settings for easier use. Highly recommended *****
Myself and my photography club did a 1 day group workshop with Phil in the Peak District. He was full of interesting tips, knowledge, and showed that he really cared about helping each one of us to improve both our technique, and the harder to explain artistic creativity of photography. An excellent day out of learning. and we had fun too.
I have had a number of workshops with Phil in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Coast. I found my photography really has improved, he was helpful, patient, and his understanding of how to capture the scene was second to none. He was able to explain the features of my camera which made me more comfortable with it. Highly recommended.
I spent a week with Phil in the Lake District and what a week it was. He quickly showed me many of the features of my camera, and took me to many locations that were incredible, and away from the crowds. What really impressed me was his understanding of light and how it would interact with the landscape. I cannot recommend Phil enough.

Myself and my friend both did a workshop with Phil. We are complete novices and found Phil very very patient. He took the time to explain the camera settings, the different modes, and also explained the technical side like the Exposure Triangle in a way we understood! Finally it makes sense. More useful and enjoyable than a book! Thank You Phil.

Myself and 5 colleagues travelled from Holland to spend a week with Phil in and around Snowdonia. It was such a wonderful week, we all got shots we are proud of and learned so much from Phil. He was attentive to all of us and made sure we all learned as a group but also with a personal touch spending time with each of us individually.

Phil really does know his stuff. I use an Olympus camera which he is an expert with, and showed me many of his tricks. I also use a Canon FF, and because he actually uses other systems himself he was able to assist me with both systems. His technical knowledge is outstanding, as is his photographic creativity. I will certainly book again.

Myself and my son are both deaf, my son profoundly. Learning online can be hard, and it is slow, more so with a disability. I was sceptical about a workshop but Phil reassured me, and he was right. He was patient and understanding, and worked at a pace we could lip read, and used hand gestures we could follow easily. Thanks so much Phil!
I was so confused about filters, but spoke to Phil and he made everything clear. He explained the different types of NiSi Filters, what he thought would be of use to me, and even told me what not to buy. How refreshing. He put together a kit of the filters for me, so I ended up saving money and getting just what I needed. And delivery was fast.
Phil’s service with NiSi Filters is second to none. Hi knowledge is undeniable and always extremely helpful. I was unfortunate enough to lose my adapter ring whilst away, so after speaking to Phil he had a replacement sent to my Hotel which I received the next day. He even called them to make sure they were aware of it. Outstanding service.
Phil was so helpful with my purchase of Nisi filters and the V6 holder. He explained how the system works and made sure I had what I needed. It was helpful being able to actually speak to someone, especially someone who knows and not just a salesman. And everything was delivered the next day. I have since purchased again.

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