NiSi M75 75mm Advanced Kit

£299.00 £289.00

  • NiSi M75 75mm Filter Holder with Landscape Polariser
  • Nano Coated IRND Filters
  • 75x80mm IRND64 6 Stop ND
  • 75x80mm IRND1000 10 Stop ND
  • 75×80 IRGND8 3 Stop Medium Graduated ND
  • 75×80 Natural Night Filter
  • M75 Case and Polariser Cap, Clever Cleaner


Value if purchased separately £346

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NiSi M75 75mm Advanced Kit

Value if purchased separately £346

Developed especially for Compact and Mirrorless systems, the NiSi M75 is  suited for smaller compact camera systems with lens threads from 40.5 to 67mm, including Micro Four Thirds systems. It is suitable for many lenses from Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, and others.

Based on the bigger 100mm V6, it has the same quality engineering including a lock pin. With a main adapter threaded for 67mm, for other sizes lenses all that is need is simple step up rings.

Filters included are all Optical Glass with Nano Coatings and the M75 Holder is included with the Nano coated Landscape Polariser. A flexible Medium Graduated ND allows the photographer to control the exposure of skies, along with a 6 stop and 10 stop ND for long exposures. A Natural Night filter allows stunning images of cityscapes at night and twilight.


A cap is included to protect the polariser whilst on the lens and it is all contained in a neat and sturdy case, along with a NiSi Clever Cleaner for cleaning filters.

Please Note this Kit is a Retail Boxed Kit. For more specific requirements see the ‘Custom Kits’ section.







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